Cindy Dennis

Executive Director

Will You Still Believe Him When He Says “No.”

 Will you still Believe Him even though His answer is “No?”


Have you ever had a bad day? What about a bad week? A bad year?

Nothing seems to be going right for you.


You trip going to work and rip your clothes. 

You leave your windows open and your car gets wet and smells like mildew for a week.

 You can’t do anything right.

 Your kids don’t listen.

 You slam your finger in the door. 

You get a phone call that changes your life. 

Your doctor gives you a bad diagnosis.

You have to say goodbye to someone you love.


Life is constantly filled with ups and downs.


One moment you’re getting an award and the next minute you get a flat tire.


Two women named Martha and  Mary could tell you all about their bad day and bad week. 

Their brother all-of-a-sudden gets ill. 

Within a very short amount of time he goes from being  a healthy young man - to death’s door.


So of course they send word for their close friend, Jesus.  Who spent his entire career helping people and healing bodies and minds. 

If he could do it for everyone and their mom, then surely he can do it for some of his closest friends. 


So they sent word. 

They thought that within a day Jesus would be at their door step..


A day went by with no word.

Two days go by.

Three days go by.

Four days go by. 


It wasn’t like Jesus was actually busy doing anything. It wasn’t like other things were happening that were more important than his friend’s death. Jesus was purposefully holding off going.