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How has Cindy Dennis Ministries helped your walk with Christ?  


We would love to hear from you. Email your short testimony to to be featured on our website and facebook page! 

Don't forget to include your beautiful face in a picture so that we know who you are! 


CDM is committed to give $21 monthly to this campaign to end slavery.

By simply altering daily choices and saving money, you are helping to
bring an end to slavery.


Instead of ordering a large coffee, we are opting for a smaller size and save those pennies!  A few small changes for us can help bring about lasting change for a survivor!


$21 a month can buy you a few cups of coffee or maybe a night at the movie theater. But $21 a month can provide the following items to
 someone who has been a victim of human slavery and sex trafficking:


  • A shelter home once rescued by authorities

  • A welcome care package

  • A bed

  • New pajamas

  • Mini-makeover (haircut and facial cleansing, if desired)

  • All necessary toiletries and feminine products

  • Well-balanced and nutritious meals

  • Full medical examination (blood test, pregnancy tests, and gynecology examination)

  • A social worker assigned to each case

  • How can so little, pay for so much? Together we can pull resources and

  • ensure that everyone has the right to live a safe, healthy, and free life.



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