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My name is Arlene Allison. The Cindy Dennis Ministry has been a blessing to me personally. The love for God and the teachings of how we should live our lives as Christians has a huge impact.


Everyone involve in the ministry has been warm and truly show their love for Christ and others. My prayer is for this ministry to flourish even more and reach more lost souls for the kingdom of God. 

It has been my pleasure to be apart of CDM for the past 12 years. Congratulations to you Cindy and your amazing volunteer staff for their faithful service. They made coming to Monday night bible study so enjoyable because of their pleasant attitude and warm welcome. In addition to the bible studies being enjoyable the information learned from them could be shared with others such as the women I've ministered to in Uganda.


The women here have been blessed by me sharing the material with them. The CDM prayers and financial support has been greatly appreciated here. The various events put on by the staff were always professionally done and people always looked forward to the next event. I liked the Birthday Bash where you recognized everyone's birthday on your birthday.


How CDM pulls in the entire community to come together as one has been an encouragement to me working with the community here in Jinja, Uganda. Thank you Cindy for the wonderful example you show of the representation of  God's kingdom here on earth. A big congratulations for 12 years of dedicated service.

Hello Children of God from the United States of America. 


Greetings from Uganda and thank you for your love for God and the Saints. 


Allow me take this little to express my heart felt gratitude to Cindy Dennis Ministries for your steadfast commitment to building Hope, Dignity and Pride in the lives of God’s Children with emphasis on women. 


I believe the year was 2013 when I had the opportunity to be invited to Minister in CDM by Sis Anne Sellers, Sis Tami J Franklin on the subject matter “DELIVERANCE”

This was such a very impactful opportunity for me to widen my research and understanding of deliverance on a global perspective. Coming from Africa, the demon manifestation is totally different from how demonic forces manifest in the developed world. 


That particular time was such a blessing to me to be able to take time to study and understand a little more on demons, their manifestation and how one can be delivered. The study particularly revealed that some times demonic forces take shelter within our households and we don’t even know. 


This study and the opportunity to share with the members present that day remains a memorable time and my life was greatly impacted on the other side. 


Allow me also thank CDM for the financial seed that was planted up on me. The person of me that the Lord has raised, dates to moments like that and cannot be taken lightly; THANK YOU. 


Once again I feel greatly honoured to be able to  share a little bit of my experience with CDM and do hope that the Lord will order my feet one more time to join you all some time in the near future. 


I remain your brother in the Kingdom,


Joseph Eletu (Rev.)


I started attending Cindy’s ministry over a decade ago in her home.  I was looking for a setting and teaching on having an intimacy with Jesus.   


Thousands of women of all ages have been touched and blessed by walking through this ministry and participating in events. The challenges and decisions that some of these women faced were horrendous.  This ministry prayed, mentored and walked side by side with these women during these challenges in their lives.


A few attributes of this ministry that I participated in and enjoyed:


*Building Strong Women for God through bible studies 

*Special Events/Dinners that make Women feel Special

*Great Speakers who were (Writers/Judges/Pastors, etc)


Cindy Dennis and her Team are faithful in the vision God has given this ministry. Leadership is important in a ministry and Cindy takes this role with a God inspired goal.  


Though I retired a few years back and moved out of the area. I became a stronger woman as did many other women through Cindy Dennis Ministry. 

My name is Diane and this was my first time attending Cindy Dennis Ministries today Saturday,
May 20, 2017. It empowered my spiritual growth and Vision in the Lord. I'm thankful for witnessing the beauty of the women empowerment classes, the love of Cindy Dennis, the meal, gifts, and sending Cindy Dennis Ministry to the Gumspring Community, South County Building and other various local area to enrich, seek, and up lift woman's spiritually.

I really was touch by the Arms and Arms ministry. Spiritually reaching out to the men who seek direction, renewal of the men who has been incarcerated that need orher men's to walk arm and arm.

LiQuisha Hall gave revelation to write the Vision and dreams down. You have to know who you are.

Cindy also have ministries for the children team enrichment.
Cindy has a outreach ministry sharing the love of the Lord, passing out phamplets etc.
I can go on and on there is much love and monetery gifts are accepted

Diane. F.

Cindy Dennis is a gifted teacher, prayer warrior, motivator, encourager and people-person.  Her outgoing personality enables her to minister to all age groups.  Because of her faithfulness, obedience and dedication to  reach many souls for the Kingdom of God.  Cindy stands on 1 Cor 15:58, “Therefore my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”

Gerald M.

Cindy Dennis Ministries is an awesome ministry. While you are there you will get a true word from God, fellowshipping, and most of all prayer. God continue to grow the ministry in Jesus name. Amen. Love You Cindy, Liz Hardy.

Elizabeth. H.

Very warm, loving, welcoming, caring and sincere. Love the multi-cultural and multi-racial make-up of this ministry.

Pat D.


Antonio S.

I enjoy being amongst woman who have a heart for God and people. Thanks CDM for providing this platform to share the gospel.

Tami. F.

Amazing GOD. Amazing leader, Cindy Dennis. Amazing ministry.

Sulena M.

Cindy Dennis and all who attend her classes are simply the most amazing women I have ever met. Everyone is so helpful and you always feel so welcome. Cindy Dennis has the light of the Lord shining from her everytime you see her. Everyone is a prayer warrior, that's for sure because so many have been and still are praying for me. As busy as I know Cindy is, she even took her lunch hour and called me to pray and to check up. Sometimes I haven't even had my Pastors do that. This is a great bunch of women. Come check it won't be sorry you did. Her workshops are amazing and her get together bashes are excellent. Have problems??? Bring them here and I can promise you that someone will help you in one way or another, especially the Lord. Cindy and her team have really gave me hope and have lifted me up in a pretty rough time going on in my life now (Dec. 2014). She still takes the time to email me or call when she can, but she is such a giving person. She's definetly the light of the world personified through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Vicki S.

Cindy,I can't tell you how much your ministry has touched my life and changed my relationship with the Lord. I'm still on my journey but I'm reading and meditating on His Word, praying and singing hymns for encouragement.Our fellowship is awesome and I thank God for using you to spread His love in this world. Often when I feel unworthy, I remember your positive spirit and I hold on and press on. You help me remember Whose I am.So even in this trial I'm in, I'm clinging onto his Word in Isaiah 41:13 " For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee."Just wanted to say thank you for all you do, all the sacrifices you make to tend to the needs of the fellowship members ( sickness, bereavement, etc.), for your time but most of all for your love.Blessings,Deborah

Diane W.

Thank you Cindy for another Monday night of excellent teaching. There's nothing like finding your place in God's plan. I look forward to the Monday night Bible study and fellowship

Donna F.

My favorite thing about Cindy Dennis Ministries is the caring people. Every time that I come to an event, I usually receive a hug within the first few minutes. I love how everyone works as a team toward a common goal and at the end of the day; people are loved and told about Jesus. I love how the leadership thinks about the little important details, like: people's birthdays and other holidays that women might feel left out of. Valentine's Day, the Christmas event and the annual Birthday bash are good examples of thinking about the individual needs of the people that come to Cindy Dennis Ministries. I have been blessed to see the ministry grow through the years and I can't wait to see what great things they do for God in the future!

Christal M.

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