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Cindy Dennis

Executive Director

🤯🤯If your heartbeats for Jesus and your hands arefull of love, welcome to Cindy Dennis Ministries !

We believe in the power of Faith love and Community where Jesus followers encouraging every mom to-explore her faith Journey as advocates.

We passionately uphold the value of community and the influence of women.

We're Kingdom Enthusiasts playful in spirit generousat heart and faith-filled in confession.

Every women has a place with us.

We Embrace bold and inclusive love knowing there’s room for a vast collage of women who thirst for Jesus we're known by what we are for following Jesus’s footsteps with radical Grace and Association,

💪we cultivate Sisterhood building Circles of women who love each other like family and we're multilingual sharing a Timeless message across cultures

✅join us in this beautiful journey of life.

Love big

love messy.

Love loud

because you dear, woman are loved by a good God.

Who calls you daughter.

💕💕Join us weekly live in the chat on Mondays at 7pm

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As your children begin their educational journey, the task of balancing your professional responsibilities with your parental duties becomes more demanding. This critical phase presents a unique chance to reassess your work-life balance.

 Achieving a healthier equilibrium not only boosts your personal well-being but also nurtures your children’s development as they adjust to school life. This balance is essential for providing the support and presence that your children need during this formative period.

Enhancing Work Quality Through Balance

When you effectively balance your work and personal life, the quality of your work output significantly improves. With clearly defined work hours and sufficient downtime, you allow yourself to recharge, leading to enhanced creativity and efficiency when you are on the job. This shift not only benefits you but also sets a positive example for your children, showing them the value of dedication and the importance of resting to avoid overdoing it.

Reducing Burnout for Long-Term Success

Maintaining a work-life balance greatly reduces your risk of burnout, a common pitfall for many working parents. By setting boundaries between work and home life, you protect your mental health and ensure that you remain enthusiastic and committed both at work and as a parent. This approach helps you sustain high levels of energy and engagement over longer periods, preventing the feelings of exhaustion and disinterest that often accompany burnout.

Pivoting Towards a Less Stressful Career Path

If your current job is too demanding, considering a career shift to a less stressful position might be beneficial. A role with fewer demands or more flexible hours could significantly improve your overall quality of life. Crafting a stellar and professional-looking resume is your first step in this transition. The best solution involves tailoring your resume to highlight skills applicable to your side gig or desired job, emphasizing relevant aspects of your professional history and educational experiences to align with potential opportunities. This thoughtful preparation can lead to a more fulfilling career and family life.

Sharpening Focus for Enhanced Productivity

A well-balanced life improves concentration by reducing the mental clutter caused by overstressing about work tasks during family time, or vice versa. When your mind isn't constantly toggling between multiple concerns, you can give your undivided attention to the task at hand—whether it's a work project or helping your child with homework. This increased focus not only boosts your productivity but also enriches the quality of time spent with your family.

Mastering Time Management

Establishing a balanced work-life routine naturally improves your time management skills. By setting specific times for work and family activities, you enhance your ability to schedule and prioritize tasks efficiently. This skill not only boosts your productivity but also imparts to your children the critical

 lesson of organizing their activities and commitments—a lesson that grows in importance as they take on greater responsibilities. Mastering this skill helps ensure that you can meet both your professional goals and family needs without compromising.

Cultivating Personal Growth

With a balanced schedule, you create more opportunities for personal development. Whether it's engaging in a hobby, acquiring a new skill, or enjoying a book, dedicating time to your interests is essential for maintaining mental and physical health. This not only revitalizes your spirit but also demonstrates to your children the significance of cultivating personal interests in tandem with professional and family responsibilities. Cultivating these interests helps you bring more energy and enthusiasm into all aspects of your life.

Achieving work-life balance as a parent of school-age children demands careful adjustments and commitments, yet the rewards are profound and far-reaching. This balance creates a nurturing environment for your children, boosts your professional output, and safeguards your well-being. As you lead your children along their educational journeys, your approach serves as a model, encouraging them to seek harmony in their own lives. Striking this balance is not only vital for your success but also instrumental in shaping the futures of your children.

Join Cindy Dennis Ministries in transforming lives through faith and empowerment. Visit Cindy Dennis Ministries to learn more about our mission!

Learn the Simple Steps to Make Extra Cash While Caring for Your Family

Being a stay-at-home parent is a full-time role that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. But if you're looking for ways to supplement your income, there are many options available that can help you earn extra money without sacrificing time with your family. In this article shared by Cindy Dennis Ministries, we will discuss six of the best ways for stay-at-home parents to earn money.

Words for Hire

Freelance writing and editing is a flexible way to earn money from home, and it's an excellent choice for stay-at-home parents who have experience or interest in writing. There are many freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer where you can find writing and editing jobs. Networking through social media and professional groups can help you connect with potential clients. You can also create your own portfolio website to showcase your skills and attract clients.

Virtual Bookkeeping or Accounting

If you have a background in finance and accounting, you can work as a virtual bookkeeper or accountant. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs need help managing their finances, and you can provide these services to them from the comfort of your own home. You can use accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero to manage finances and communicate with your clients through video conferencing software like Zoom and Skype. To find clients, consider joining professional networks and online job platforms where businesses post their bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Start an E-Commerce Business

Starting an e-commerce business from home can be an exciting and rewarding venture. To ensure you're well-prepared, consider earning a business degree online. This is a good option to check out, as it allows you to gain valuable knowledge and skills while managing the rest of your busy schedule. With a solid educational foundation, you'll be better equipped to navigate the challenges of running an online business successfully.

Social Media Management

Social media management is a growing industry, and many businesses and entrepreneurs need someone to manage their social media accounts. As a social media manager, you will be responsible for creating content, scheduling posts, and engaging with followers. Building a strong online presence and showcasing your expertise on your own social media profiles can help attract potential clients. You can find social media management jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other job boards.

Teach from Home

Online tutoring or teaching is an excellent option for stay-at-home parents who have a teaching background or are passionate about education. Many online tutoring platforms like Chegg and TutorMe hire tutors who can provide one-on-one support to students who need help with their studies. You can also work as an online teacher for companies like VIPKid and Teachable, where you can teach English or other subjects to students around the world. Creating and selling your own courses on platforms like Udemy can be a lucrative way to share your expertise with a broader audience.

Pet-Sitting or Dog-Walking Services

If you love animals, pet-sitting or dog-walking services can be a fun and rewarding way to earn money from home. Many people need someone to look after their pets while they are away or take their dogs for walks during the day. You can advertise your services on sites like Rover,, and Wag. Building a strong local reputation through word-of-mouth and social media can also help you attract more clients.

There are many ways for stay-at-home parents to earn money from home, and these six options are just the beginning. Whether you choose to work as a freelance writer or editor, virtual bookkeeper or accountant, social media manager, online tutor or teacher, pet-sitter or dog walker, or start an e-commerce business, always do your research and select an option that is right for you and your family. With dedication and hard work, you can build a successful career and achieve financial independence without sacrificing time with your loved ones.

Grow your business by saying “yes” to God with Cindy Dennis Ministries today!

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