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The Cindy Dennis Ministries’ (CDM) Board of Directors, and Leadership Team are so grateful for the financial and prayer support that you provided us throughout 2021.

Your support has allowed us to provide: (1) tools to help address and resolve problems in areas that many may struggle with in life; (2) provide creative and encouraging workshops to help individuals from different backgrounds to learn how to have a confident life and to discover how to release God’s destiny for their life, and (3) support other ministries who are having an impact locally, nationally, and internationally.

Please prayerfully consider participating in our annual electronic fundraiser this month. We hope that we can count on your continued support in 2022.


Donations are tax deductible and there are several ways to give:


Through our website:, you find links to give one time or to become a monthly partner.


You can give through links provided to PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, or you can give by mailing your check to CDM, PO Box 8345, Alexandria, VA 22306. 


Make us your favorite charitable organization, at no cost to you, when you shop at


We truly are grateful for everything you do for this ministry and hope that we can count on your continued support as we look to 2022. 


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Cindy  Dennis 



P.O. Box 8345

Alexandria, VA 22306

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our why

Did you know that Cindy Dennis Ministries reaches over 1,000 per week with their weekly messages? We have people from 20 different countries around the world being helped by our life-giving ministry. 


Each year we participate in an electronic fundraiser. Our 2020 budget goal for Giving Tuesday is $2,000.


You can give securely and safely to Cindy Dennis Ministries since we are a registered 501c(3).


OUR reach

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God has placed in the hearts of His people the desire to join forces as one and make a difference in the lives of others.  When we work together as one unit, instead of many, we are able to impact more and benefit more.

How can you help?


First and foremost, as a covenant partner, we expect you to pray diligently for the ministry and participate in the miracles.  As you contribute your time, talent, resources, and prayers for the ministry, you help us reach others in this community and beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As your schedule permits, you may volunteer to get involved in some aspect of the ministry by joining prayer teams; volunteering to assist with special events, conferences, or weekly meeting; or participating in one of our outreaches to the community.


As a covenant partner, you will join a unique people of like faith with a desire to help others.  Soul winning will be at the heart of your personal desire, for like us, you with that none should perish but that all should have eternal life.


As a covenant partner, you agree to pray for the ministry and support it with a monthly love gift.  We are waiting for you.  Together we can make a difference in the lives of others.

To give online, you may click our above paypal link.


We are pleased to offer the option of Online Giving for your convince and security, through PayPals securely hosted donation website.


You can now use any major credit card or debit card to make a contribution to Cindy Dennis Ministries with complete peace of mind that your information is secure.


How does it work?


By clicking the PayPal link above, you will be directed to a secure site hosted by PayPal, one of todays most reputable companies for handling financial transactions.  


Your credit card information is not sent to Cindy Dennis Ministries, but only to PayPal.  PayPal acts as the middle-man for your online transaction.  


PayPal will notify Cindy Dennis Ministries that you have made a contribution and passes along the funds seamlessly and immediately.


Security Tip:

Remember -- Neither PayPal nor Cindy Dennis Ministries will ever email you to ask you for personal / confidential / financial information.  If you receive such an email soliciting information, delete it and directly contact PayPal at or Cindy Dennis Ministries at to determine if there were problems with your online transaction.




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I needed this! So great! Thank you, Cindy! I’m re-charged to keep it up and see it through to the finish! LOVE!  

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