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Cindy Dennis

Executive Director

Never beyond repair

All can be restored.

Do you know someone that loves to shop at thrift stores in yard sales?

I know one of the top things that I see at fleamarket‘s and consignment stores are cast iron pans from over 50 years ago.


In fact you can literally keep cast-iron pans around for decades and use them from everything from over-the-fire baking to every -day cooking.

Most of the time they are looked over- covered in rust and discolored.


But what if I told you that with some care, the right treatment, and the right cleaning, that you could restore any cast iron pan to its original glory?

I remember one particular cast iron pot. It was used as a gigantic planter outside my parents’ house.

I remember us taking it home, cleaning it with oil, and scrubbing it with elbow grease for hours.


Before, the pot was just used to hold flowers and covered in rust. Now, we use it to cook the best soups during long winter days.


Not only do our soups taste amazing, but they are filled with minerals and iron that we wouldn’t get from normal store-bought pans.


Iron that helped me overcome anemia during my third pregnancy. Iron that help me get my platelet count up so that I was able to have critical emergency surgery.


Our lives might seem to be beyond repair. they might be misused, loss on the side of the road and undervalued.


But there is no life that God cannot restore it to its former glory. There is no pain, no hurt, or no history that can’t be made right.


And when God creates something new out of our lives, we benefit everyone around us and add value in areas that we never would think possible.


Do you feel like your life is beyond repair?

-written by Christal Marshall


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