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Cindy Dennis

Executive Director

Alexandria, Virginia: A community for women in business

Alexandria, Virginia: A Great Community for Women in Business

Alexandria, Virginia, is a great choice for women in business. Whether you’re thinking of relocating your company, or of moving and launching your startup, Alexandria has a lot to offer to women entrepreneurs, in terms of business opportunities as well as personal advantages. Here are some useful facts to be aware of, if you’re considering a move to Alexandria.

It’s an excellent city for business owners.

Alexandria is recognized as one of the top cities in Virginia for small business owners. A significant number of the population derives their income from small business. It’s also a profitable city to run a business in, partially due to being a shopping destination for D.C. residents and others in the area. Some of the local organizations that support small business owners include the following:

● Alexandria Chamber of Commerce

● Alexandria Small Business Development Center

● Alexandria Economic Development Partnership

● Old Town Business and Professional Association

● Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

How Alexandria ranks in cost of living.

While its cost of living is higher than the national average, Alexandria is still more affordable to live in than neighboring cities such as Washington, D.C. or Arlington – while still enjoying the benefits of close proximity to the nation’s capital. A relatively lower cost of living in the Alexandria area means access to a slightly more affordable workforce. Whether you’re thinking of buying or renting in Alexandria, you have an array of different and fascinating communities to choose from, such asNorth Ridge-Rosemont, which is best for median income, and Old Town, which is full of historic interest.

Alexandria enjoys a high quality of life.

Alexandria ranks among the top cities in the nation when it comes to quality of life, with its many cultural opportunities and events. If you enjoy outdoor activities, Alexandria is home to a number of excellent parks, and also hosts popular outdoor events. Here are some great outdoor destinations and activities for Alexandria residents and visitors:

● Founders Park

● Dora Kelley Nature Park

● Waterfront Park

● Carlyle House Historic Park

● George Washington’s Birthday / President’s Day Parade

● Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend

So entrepreneurs in Alexandria will find plenty to do in their free time and enjoy proximity to a workforce that is motivated, happy, and invested in the community.

It’s a safe community.

Alexandria is a relatively safe community to live in, with a low rate of violent crime. In fact, it is safer than 83% of the cities in the United States. The northern part of the city, according to residents, is especially safe to live in. Alexandria also happens to be a great city for health and fitness. So if health and safety are priorities for you, this also makes Alexandria an excellent choice.

A community that prizes education.

With an excellent public school system and around 45 colleges in the area, it’s no wonder Alexandria is listed as the fifth most educated mid-sized city in the United States. This is a boon for the entrepreneur since it means you can hire from a highly trained workforce. These are some of the top colleges, private and public, within a twenty-mile radius of the city:

● Georgetown University

● Franklin University

● DeVry University

● George Washington University

● Wesley Theological Seminary

● George Mason University

● University of Maryland Global Campus

Alexandria is culturally diverse.

This is another area where Alexandria, Virginia makes the top-ten list nationwide: among mid-sized U.S. cities, it’s the sixth most diverse, thanks largely to the presence of many first-generation immigrants. It is also socioeconomically diverse. This may make Alexandria especially attractive for immigrant or non-white women entrepreneurs in search of a supportive community. What to do to start a business in Alexandria.

If you’re a first-time entrepreneur with Alexandria on your radar, here’s your to-do list for getting your company launched there:

● Research the market

● Write your business plan

● Raise your funds

● Register as a business in Virginia

● Register your company name with the IRS

● Get your EIN

● Get any permits or licenses required in Alexandria

With its excellent cultural opportunities, educated and diverse populace, and its low crime rate, Alexandria is an attractive city to live in and run a company. If you are a woman considering starting your business in the Alexandria area and need an extra boost of confidence, the Confident Woman Workshop offered byCindy Dennis Ministries might be just what you are looking for.


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