Cindy Dennis

Executive Director

2019 Presidents Report

Cindy Dennis Ministries (CDM) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit incorporated in the state of Virginia.


Board of Directors are Cindy Dennis (Founder-President), Bena Miller (Vice-President), Anne

Sellers (Treasurer), Christal Marshall (Secretary), Mattie Palmore (Domestic Violence Advisor),

Mashari Whitfield, and Tami Franklin.

CDM’s vision is to provide empowerment tools to help women from all walks of life, and to

address and resolve problems in areas that women struggle with.

It is a multicultural, non- denominational ministry that offers in a creative and encouraging way, regardless of their convictions, tools to help women realize their infinite worth and value and to become confident and secure in who they are.

CDM extends the love of Christ through religious, educational, and charitable activities by

sponsoring special events, mini-series, creative activities and charitable and benevolent

experiences, related to its five main core areas of worship, prayer, teaching, fellowship

(empowerment/mentoring), and evangelism (missions/outreach).

All benevolent activities, special events and workshop series are free and open to the community.

The CDM ministry theme focus for 2019 was Let the Awakening Begin: It's time we wake up to

the more God has for us!

“Be up and awake to what God is doing! God is putting the finishing
touches on the salvation work he began when we first believed.”
Romans 13:11 MSG.

This theme focus was interwoven in workshops and helped to enrich the event inspirational focus.

With the help of our leadership team and covenant partners, CDM was able to provide the highest
quality programs to the community we serve.

CDM Board of Directors worked with volunteers to help plan and coordinate a number of events

and activities to include the February Valentine’s Event You are ex-STRAW special theme, April

Mastermind Event On Purpose, June Mission Month Praying for the Nations, August Birthday

Bash Glitz & Glamour, an October Special Focus Month Personal Safety—Be Prepared!, and the year ended with our December Christmas Celebration A Savior! Born for You!