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Cindy Dennis

Executive Director

Who is on the MIC?

Who’s on the Mic of your heart?

Has faith been replaced by fear in the stage of your mind and heart?

Have you kicked out the voice of the Holy Spirit and drowned it out with the news, the latest celebrity gossip, the hottest music artist or the top horror movie?

Who is taking up room in your mind?

Everyone- from the humble homeless person, to the richest billionaire has the same amount of time in a day- 86400 seconds.

How will you spend those seconds- worrying? Living in fear? Creating memories? Serving your own empire? Building God’s Kingdom.

Only you can decide.

The secret to life is listening to the Shepherd and the voice of a stranger- you choose and make a daily conscious decision not to follow.

Today- make it the day that you put God’s voice on the Microphone of your spirit- directing and guiding your steps.


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