Cindy Dennis

Executive Director

Savor the Moment

Savor the Moment

When I was a mother of two young children with a husband in grad school, we lived on a limited budget, in small graduate housing in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was not used to living where the wind blew constantly, so much so we had to put plastic over the windows to keep it from coming into the house.

We had to deal with ice storms that covered our car like a cocoon and tornados with hailstones sometimes as big as golf balls.

With our youngest in diapers, we makeshift clothes lines throughout the apartment so the cloth diapers would be near the heater vents in the winter to dry.

Those were the days. All I could focus on then was “When will this nightmare be over!” I could not wait until my husband graduated in four years, when the children were both out of diapers, when we had money to pay bills... I was unhappy and frustrated, so focused on the future; I missed out on what life was really about.

I chose not to savor the moments in the meantime.

It was then I was introduced to the radio program “Focus on the Family” and great books such as “Let’s Make a Memory: Great Ideas for Building Family Traditions and Togetherness,” by Gloria Gaither and Shirley Dobson. With the help of these two resources I began the journey to savor everyday moments. My eyes opened to the gift of life’s simple pleasures.

Colossians 4:5 challenged me to change my perspective to “…make the most of every moment and every encounter.”

Savor the Everyday Moments. I discovered that everyday moments are my journey and the big moments such as Pat graduating and getting a job are the destination. I realized that my priorities were off. I needed to make memories now not wait until my circumstances improved. I needed to celebrate the everyday milestones. I realized these milestones are opportunities to develop strength of character, and teach me patience. James writes we are to face the challenges of life rather than run from them.

“Don’t run from tests and hardships, brothers and sisters. As difficult as they are, you will ultimately find joy in them; if you embrace them, your faith will blossom under pressure and teach you true patience as you endure. And true patience brought on by endurance will equip you to complete the long journey and cross the finish line—mature, complete, and wanting nothing.” James 1:2-4

How Do You “Savor” the Moments? Savoring the everyday moments is important because they are the most common. They come every minute, every hour, of every day. As an exercise, I challenge you to make a list of everyday moments you normally rush through or experience on autopilot.

Make a Decision that “Every day, I enjoy a moment worth savoring.” Make an intentional choice to start savoring, and enjoying beginning today!

Savoring the moment will take a conscious decision and practice. It begins with slowing down and guarding our thoughts and our conversation. Our mind seems to so easily venture to the future that savoring is almost always an intentional choice.

I am reminded of Matthew 6:34:

“Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.” MSG

Savoring special moments as they happen is important and in our hectic, nonstop world, it is easy to miss. If you want to be happy though, you can’t miss these moments. They are moments of peace and joy and connection.

You will not live this day again. Savor it. “Make the most of every living and breathing moment…” Ephesians 5:16

Blessings, Cindy