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Cindy Dennis

Executive Director

How to mentor other Christian women

1. Be intentional: Set aside time to intentionally invest in building a relationship with another woman who is seeking to grow in her faith.

2. Listen: Take the time to actively listen to the other person and allow them to share their thoughts and feelings.

3. Share your own experiences: Share your own experiences and struggles with the other person, so that they can learn from you and see that they are not alone.

4. Study the Bible together: Spend time studying the Bible together and discussing what you have learned.

5. Pray together: Take time to pray together and encourage each other in your prayer life.

6. Hold each other accountable: Set goals and hold each other accountable to achieve them.

7. Be available: Make yourself available to the other person, so that they can reach out to you when they need support.

8. Encourage: Encourage the other person to step out of their comfort zone and take risks in their faith.

9. Be patient: Remember that everyone grows at their own pace, so be patient and allow the other person to take time to grow in their faith.

10. Lead by example: Lead by example and model what it means to live out a life of faith.


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