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Cindy Dennis

Executive Director

Do you know what a spiritual disciple is?

You would probably say, reading the Bible or praying. .


You would be correct. .


But did you know that there are over 20 more different disciplines that a Christians could practice during a season of seeking God? .


🌸Quietness, stillness and silence

Such a necessary discipline in this hurried life .

🌸Generosity, thankfulness and giving

Give over-and-above with out questioning motives. .

🌸Fasting and obstaining

Not focusing on the pleasure of food during a certain period of time reminds us of our weakness. .

🌸Scripture memory

It’s one thing to read the word- it’s a whole nother thing to commit longer passages to memory. .

🌸Praying the scripture, setting times for prayers, prayer journaling

If you don’t make time to pray and slow your mind and heart down, it’s going to be difficult to hear the still small voice of God. .

🌸Sabath and rest

Nobody wants to talk about this one. It means planning a day for no work. It means not doing chores. It means having a date night. It means taking time for solitude and stillness. .

🌼We need to get in the habit of coming back to what makes us human beings, not human doings. Stillness, rest, sabath and moments of peace remind us of our creator, our humanness and our weakness so that He can make us strong. .

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