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Kindness Starts with One...

This Saturday while my husband and I were at a restaurant having brunch, I noticed a family near us who had a very active toddler. Food was everywhere around his high chair and he could not keep still. It wasn't until a couple walked by their table that I notice the "power of one kind deed." While the women smiled at the family and the over active toddler, she proceeded to lean down and picked up a match box car that had fallen under his high chair and handed it to the fussy little one. It was amazing how that random act of kindness brought calmness to the young toddler and a giggle. The family exchanged smiles with the woman as she moved passed their table to leave and the little one remained calm so the family could finally finish up their meal.

This act of kindness reminded me of Hebrews 10:24 that encourages us to "outdo each other in being helpful and kind to each other and in doing good." (TLB)

I am inspired every time I read or listen to the gospels. Over and over again I discover how Jesus always had time for other people. He talked to them, fed them, healed them, and forgave them. He often met their physical needs first in order to then be able to address their spiritual needs later.

It is easy for each of us to make excuses about why we don't have time to be helpful or don't have the emotional energy to be kind to each other. Lately, God has been challenging me to purpose His heart and be purposeful in showing love for others.When I make time to seek God and abide in His Word, I find priorities shifting. I discover the importance of letting His love show through my actions (see 1 John 3:18). I begin to ask for wisdom to know when to interrupt my schedule in order to show kindness to those around me.

I have decided to follow Jesus example for myself, to find time to interact with people around me. I have made it a priority to take the time to stop, listen, and talk with those whom God brings into my life and have stirred on my heart to slow down to get to know.

Colossians 3:12 reminds us that we should practice tenderhearted mercy and kindness to others. I love the word "Practice" that is used in this scripture. It reminds me that I have got to be intentional at first in being kind to others and overtime it will become second nature.

Let's decide today to demonstrate love in words and deeds so the world will know we are His followers. (See John 13:35). Let's allow our simple acts of kindness to open the door for God to do a greater work in the hearts of others. (See 1 Corinthians 3:6)

Kindness, it begins with one...



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